Pet Photography Tips


All my life I have been in love with animals.  Currently, I have four rescue dogs that enhance my life greatly! It is a natural step that I gravitate to photographing pets and their people.  I enjoy photographing animals because they are kind, loving and never lack personality! I enjoy photographing pets with their people to capture the unconditional love that only our pets can give.


Our pets are family. It is hard to think they will not be with us forever.  We don’t think twice about taking formal or informal pictures of our family and friends, together, playing and laughing.  Why? It is important to us to capture a memory; a moment in time that we want to have with us forever.

Bring your pet to my studio for a portrait.  Let me capture their personality. Keep that memory forever.

Tips when having your pet photographed:

  • Be sure and take them for a good walk prior their photo shoot. This will help to tire them out a little.  Believe me, when an animal comes into the studio their energy level increases with the smells, the lights the sounds!
  • Bring your pets favorite toys, blanket and treats.  I always have treats on hand but some animals are “treat specific”, (just like people).
  • Do not be in a hurry.  It is not uncommon to take up to an hour and half on a shoot.  Sometimes a lot of breaks are necessary to keep the animals attention.
  • Wear comfy cloths. This is usually an interactive event!

Want to talk about getting your fur-babies scheduled for a photoshoot? Reach out and talk to me about the options.